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Jeru Kabbal on his ClarityProcess

The ClarityProcess is a system that uses your own innate intelligence to find the Unity that you seek. No need for gurus, surrender, isolation or asceticism. Be your own therapist; let life be the teacher. No need to understand Sanskrit. No need to chant or wave rattles or take drugs. Everything you seek is already present, but you live in a hypnosis that prevents you from seeing the obvious. Many „tools“ are provided that you can use by yourself to clear up your daily life. 

The benefits:

  • A clear understanding of the workings of your Deeper Mind
    and how to reprogram it
  • An immediate reduction of fear, tension and uncertainty
  • More relaxed, natural and honest relationships
  • The recognition of your relationship to Existence
  • A deep trust of yourself and of life
  • An increase in self esteem
  • The potential cessation of psychosomatic conditions
  • Recognition and reversal of the fear of the positive
  • A practical approach to the path to self realization
  • A conscious connection with the higher aspects of your being
  • More Clarity in all aspects of your life
  • More joy and celebration